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Routine Course Tuition

Routine Course Tuition is for students, usually secondary or earlier undergraduates, who will benefit from extra time ever week or two to talk about new topics and develop their preferred way of taking notes and answering questions.

Drop-in Support

University students take a range of courses in any given term with a variety of coursework. Drop-In Support services are usually focused on a particular project, paper, or topic that the student would like to devote more time towards than a routine hour or two a week provides.

Remote Drop-In Support

Remote Drop-In Support allows students who are not in London to have Drop-In support online rather than in person to go over focused topics such as paper edits and key topic reviews.

Daotive Learning offers tuition to a range of students.


Secondary tuition tends to be reviewing work on a weekly or biweekly basis to build a solid foundation for the big exams such as GCSE and A levels.


Undergraduate support is involves flexible support for students want to prepare for projects and papers in their STEM fields as well as reinforce their understanding of key concepts.


Postgraduate degrees are often for career development or changes, so support includes data literacy and academic writing improvement in dissertations and important projects.

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Daniel is an amazing tutor!! He has really helped on my MSc coursework and brought me the confidence and enjoyment towards my degree in neuroscience. Not only does he know how to teach, but he also makes sure that the work is done 100 % even if that means longer hours. He is reliable and honest. I will recommend him to everyone seeking to become stronger in their fields!


MSc Neuroscience

Daniel is a great tutor, very helpful. He has so much subject knowledge and understanding. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he gave me. With his help, I was able to take my work to a next level. I highly recommend him for anyone.


MSc Dentistry

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