STEM Research and Writing Development for Academic and Professional Success

I’m passionate about helping people find their confidence as STEM students, researchers, and communicators

A STEM education encourages you to develop your skills in questioning, experimentation, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and innovation .

Every exam, paper, and project is an opportuntity for you to develop and showcase your confidence, regardless of whether they lead to a career as a full STEM professional or another type of role where you transfer the knowledge and principles of STEM disciplines.

Your research and writing resource

Daotive Learning supports a range of STEM-focused adiences, from seasoned researchers looking to improve their STEM writing in English for professional advancement to STEM students developing a mastery over technical research and reporting in current projects that transfer to future professional skill sets.


Workshops are a chance to get dedicated help on a key topic in STEM research and writing so that you can feel confident approaching an upcoming project or assignment.

Academic Writing Starter: Writing with Confidence

How do you develop a confident voice and direction for your academic writing assignments?

This workshop focuses on key topics in academic writing such as determining how you format and develop your voice for effective writing based on your requirements.

Presenting a Strong Hypothesis: Testing your Question

How do you develop a confident voice and direction to form a clear and concise hypothesis?

This workshop focuses on how you draw on the current research and discussions about a topic to create a strong, testable hypothesis with clear variables being investigated.

Experimental Design: Supporting your Hypothesis

How do you create an experiment that accurately tests the hypothesis you’ve created?

This workshop guides you in creating an experiment that investigates your hypothesis within the given parameters to ensure that you create a relevant and explainable result.

Reporting Results: From Stats and Figures to Discussion

How do you get your head around the statistics involved in reporting your research properly?

This workshop gives you a foundation on the role of statistics and figures in confidently explaining your results and how to accurately deliver these figures in a paper or report.

Service Pricing



per 1,000 words

  • Covers spelling and grammar checks
  • Returns separate spelling and grammar checked document



per 1,000 words

  • Covers spelling and grammar checks
  • Includes narrative and tone suggestions
  • Returns separate spelling and grammar checked document plus feedback on narrative strength of received draft

Tuition & Workshops


per hour

  • Remote sessions (unless London-based and in-person is needed)
  • Reduced tuition rate for half days (£150 for 4 hours)

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What They’ve Said

Daniel is an amazing tutor!! He has really helped on my MSc coursework and brought me the confidence and enjoyment towards my degree in neuroscience. Not only does he know how to teach, but he also makes sure that the work is done 100 % even if that means longer hours. He is reliable and honest. I will recommend him to everyone seeking to become stronger in their fields!


MSc Neurocience

Daniel is a great tutor, very helpful. He has so much subject knowledge and understanding. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he gave me. With his help, I was able to take my work to a next level. I highly recommend him for anyone.


MSc Dentistry